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Arkansas Democrat Gazette Endorses Leslie Rutledge

Today the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette sent a simple but powerful reminder to Arkansans saying, "Today we endorse Leslie Rutledge as the next attorney general of Arkansas--the real Leslie Rutledge, the one who's devoted years to both public service and her political party, not the grotesque caricature her opponents have painted of her in emails, press releases, and attack after attack in this mud-caked election season".

I encourage you to read the rest of the article by picking up a copy of today's Arkansas Democrat Gazette or read the article online (subscription required).


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Leslie Rutledge Receives Support of State Firefighters' Association


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Military Consumer Protection Day

Today marks the second annual Military Consumer Protection Day, a nationwide effort among state, federal, and private agencies to educate active and retired military personnel and their families on consumer resources available to them. These consumer resources range from how military families can protect themselves from fraud, identity theft and scams to the benefits provided by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

The Arkansas Attorney General's office has released a statement regarding today and you can find more general consumer protection information at the Arkansas Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division website,

Military Consumer Protection Day is an excellent example of cooperation between the office of Attorney General and state, federal, and private organizations. As Attorney General I will use my legal experience as a prosecutor and advising state agencies to always work closely with both public and private agencies to find new and innovative solutions to combat issues threatening the well being of all Arkansans.

Please visit to stay in touch with my campaign and to receive future updates.

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It's been an exciting week!

Thank you for the honor of being your GOP nominee for Attorney General. Arkansas voters showed up in force for an unprecedented statewide GOP Primary Runoff. Together, we demonstrated that Arkansas is NOT for sale with all of your contributions and our grassroots efforts, we were able to prevail against $1 million from D.C. Beltway Bandits trying to buy an elected office in Arkansas. With your continued support we will succeed in the General Election on November 4th.

I am honored to have the support of my Primary and Runoff opponents, Patricia Nation and David Sterling, as we move forward to November standing up for the rights of all Arkansans. 

Your support and contributions are vital to ensuring we elect the right person to lead as Arkansas's next Attorney General. Make a contribution to our campaign today by making a contribution of $25, $50 or $100 to help spread our message and ensure our historic victory on November 4th. Our campaign depends on your help to reach your friends and neighbors and tell them why I am the right person for the job. Click here to join the team! Thanks and let's keep fighting for Arkansas!

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Leslie Rutledge Fires Back Against Dark Money Campaign

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (May 29, 2014) – It’s happened again. An out-of-state Political Action Committee with a list of secret donors has purchased ads attacking me in the race for Attorney General for the State of Arkansas. These ridiculous, manipulative attacks are an attempt by a secret group, with secret donors and a secret agenda, to manipulate Arkansas's Attorney General election for an unknown reason.

First, let me make myself clear. I am a life-long Christian conservative who strongly supports Second Amendment rights. I have the highest possible rating from the National Rifle Association, am an NRA member, carry a Glock 27 .40 caliber and hold a concealed carry license. I 100% support the right of any individual in the State of Arkansas to defend him/herself if attacked. As Attorney General, I will make it a priority to ensure that our Second Amendment right is protected.

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Attorney General Candidate Leslie Rutledge Releases First TV Ad


Rutledge's television ad will air statewide and is the first released to date by any candidate for Arkansas Attorney General. The ad is also accessible on
 Leslie Rutledge's YouTube page.


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Facebook Town Hall Q & A Meeting

Tonight I will hold a Town Hall meeting on my Facebook page to answer questions for an hour beginning at 6:30 pm. On the trail I have received a wide variety of questions about my plans for this crucial office. With this Town Hall I am giving every Arkansan the opportunity to ask questions about issues that are important to them, their families and our fellow Arkansans. As Attorney General, I will always be open to feedback and questions from the proud citizens of our great state. 

At 6:30 pm tonight, have your questions ready! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

I encourage anyone who is not able to join me tonight on Facebook to send their questions to

To give you an idea, the following are key issues for my campaign to become Arkansas's first conservative Attorney General:

•   Protecting Arkansas Seniors

•   Prosecuting Criminals and Internet Predators

•   Standing Up to Federal Overreach

•   Restoring Public Trust

•   Consumer Protection

•   Sanctity of Life

•   Preserving Second Amendment Rights

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Leslie Rutledge responses to the 2014 Conservative Arkansas Attorney General Questionnaire

2014 Conservative Arkansas

Attorney General Questionnaire 

Name: Leslie Rutledge

Date of Response: 2/19/14

Mailing Address: PO Box 144, Little Rock, AR 72203


Phone: 501-227-0917 Text: N

Website (s),,

Response Filled Out By: Leslie Rutledge           

Space is provided below for your response to each question.  Feel free to write on the back of these pages, also label the response with its respective question number.



Do you consider the U.S. Constitution a “living” document?  Please explain.

1. I consider the US Constitution to be the greatest legal document ever struck off by man.  The writers of the Constitution were some of the most inspired men in US History.  The Republic the Constitution established has endured because the Constitution was written as foundational law for our country, not simply as a “living” document to be changed at the whim of men or legislative bodies. The reason there have been so few amendments is because it was intended to be difficult and rare to change fundamental law.

2. Define natural rights.  Please give three examples of natural rights and explain.

The philosophy of Natural Rights has existed for many centuries.  However, the most famous and influential person to articulate this proposition was John Locke (1632 – 1704). Locke’s view was that government is morally obliged to serve people by protecting life, liberty, and property.  His ideas were to influence Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin among others of the American Founders of our Constitutional Republic.

Natural rights are not created by government but we have them by virtue of our human nature. The Right to Life, Liberty and Property are inherent to our being human.  Because of this there is a limit on what governments may do either for us or to us.  The government’s main job is to protect these rights not to grant them.  Checks and balances to limit government power and the need for representative government and the rule of law are all for the purpose of protecting our natural rights.

3. What constitutional changes would you make?  Please explain.

I know of no Constitutional changes I would recommend at the present time as Attorney General.  However, if the Federal Courts rule that Arkansas and other states must recognize and adopt same sex marriages, I would support a Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman.  Furthermore, I would strongly advocate the drafting and passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment. 

4. What does it mean to you to swear to uphold and defend the Constitution?

The oath to uphold and defend the Constitution means that I have read and am familiar with the contents of the U.S. Constitution and prepared to uphold the limitations and principles contained therein and further, that I will defend this fundamental law of our nation in my work and life.  As a lawyer and an officer of the courts, I have sworn to uphold and defend the U. S. Constitution. 

When I was sworn in as a member of the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) by the Chief Justice in the presence of all 9 members of the Court and my family, I became acutely aware of the awesome responsibly of defending the way of life of all Americans.  As I stood before the highest court in America, I hoped one day I would have the opportunity to stand before that great judicial body again and argue a case of great moral and legal importance such as defending the pro-life statutes passed by our legislature in 2013.

5. How does this oath affect your duties in public policy?

All public officials must be constantly aware that their actions and the policies they propose are to be measured by their adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law.  This is especially true of the Attorney General who is charged with defending the laws of Arkansas, the U.S. Constitution and the Arkansas Constitution.  Every action taken should be measured by the oath taken to defend the Constitution.

6. If you have held any previous public office, are there areas in which you need to improve in the implementation of the oath?  If yes, what are you willing to do to improve?

If taken seriously by the public officials, the oath of office is sufficient.  It is important that those required to take an oath, respect and recognize the duty it imposes.


7. Upon what foundation(s) is/are your world-view based?  How does your world-view influence your life and the lives of those with whom you interact? (Examples are acceptable.)

The foundation of my world-view is based on the Judeo-Christian view of Western Civilization.

This world view influences all of my actions such as respect for individuals, believe in a greater power, treating others as I would want to be treated and expecting the same from others.  My world-view is based on the rule of law and belief of the inherent dignity of all men to be equal in their pursuit of life.

Perhaps Benjamin Franklin said it best whilst describing American Exceptionalism in a letter dated May 1777: It is a common observation here that our cause is the cause of all mankind, and that we are fighting for their liberty in defending our own.

May we not forgot the wise words nor such valiant sacrifices made by those brave patriots to ensure generations and countries might be free. Their impact shall know no boundaries.  But we must fight daily to against those who wish to limit our liberties and freedoms.

Same Sex Marriage

8. Should the issue of same sex marriage, or the redefining of marriage, be left up to the people of the State of Arkansas, rather than the federal government?  Please explain.

The defining or redefining of marriage is a strictly State of Arkansas function and the Federal Government should have no role to play as this is not a power granted by the Constitution to the Federal Government.

The 10th Amendment of U.S. Constitution clearly states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Arkansas has defined marriage in the Arkansas Constitution and as such it should stand.

9.How do you personally define marriage?

I personally define marriage as a vow and contract between one woman and one man.


10. Do you consider yourself pro-life, pro-choice, or a mixture of both?  Please select and explain.

I am very much pro-life.  Life is God given and should be protected by the law.

I often remind those who disagree with my position on being pro-life that President Ronald Reagan perhaps had the most accurate and astute observation: “I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born. “

Second Amendment

11. Do you believe a property owner has the right to defend him/herself in his/her own home or property?  Please explain.

Absolutely. I believe that a property owner has the right to defend him/herself in his/her home or property as did the writers of the Second Amendment who believed that American citizens have an individual and inviolable right to arm themselves to protect their lives and property by stating:

 . . . the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

This right goes back to antiquity where the right of the individual to bear arms for his own defense was thought by Aristotle to derive from the nature of the human form.

As Attorney General, I would work with legislators to strengthen our Second Amendment Rights and laws allowing property owners to defend themselves.

12. Do you believe that one of the key ideas behind the Second Amendment was to act as a deterrent to a potentially tyrannical government?  Please explain.

When one reads the words of Thomas Jefferson as set out below, there can be no doubt that a key element of the Second Amendment was to act as a deterrent to a potentially tyrannical government:

“No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”

“What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?”

As Attorney General, I will work diligently to protect our Second Amendment Rights against an overreaching federal government which threatens our citizens’ rights every day through overregulation and gun control legislation and regulations which are only obeyed and adhered to by law-abiding citizens and not the criminals who seek to harm others. 

Role and Responsibilities

13. Please explain your view of the role and responsibilities of the position you are seeking.

Article 6, Section 22 of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas provides that the Attorney General shall perform such duties as may be prescribed by law.  Arkansas Code Annotated 25-16-701 through 25-16-712 sets out the legal duties and responsibilities of the Attorney General.  My view is that the role and responsibilities of the Attorney General are clearly set out in the above cited statutes.  These include representation of state agencies and officers generally; representation of state interests in federal courts including matters before the United States Supreme Court; attendance at sittings of the Arkansas Supreme Court and maintain and defend the interests of the state in all matters before that tribunal; issuance of subpoenas in all litigation in which the interests of the State of Arkansas are involved or may become involved; upon request shall give his or her legal opinion to the Governor and heads of executive departments, prosecuting attorneys, members of either house of the legislature, and county boards of election commissioners, and others designated by statue.

The role of the Attorney General is to be the lawyer for the State of Arkansas and its people in all matters affecting the citizens of this state.  The Attorney General is to protect our citizens and work to enforce our laws.

14. Does the Attorney General have a duty to protect Arkansans against overreach of the federal government?  If so, why?  If not, why?  If yes, what can your office do to legally stop activity, which is not part of the 18 enumerated powers?

As set out above the Attorney General has a specific duty to represent the State of Arkansas before Federal Courts including the Supreme Court of the United States. With this comes the responsibility to protect the citizens of this state from an overreaching federal government by defending the rights and privileges of the people, and if necessary, to sue the Federal Government officials and agencies who violate the rights of Arkansas and its people under the U. S Constitution especially the Tenth (10th) Amendment. This Amendment specifically says that powers not delegated (the 18 are specifically designated) to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. Thus it is clear that the Arkansas Attorney General can sue to enforce the rights of the state and its people when necessary but should do so.

For far too long, Arkansas has sat on the sidelines on important cases where Attorneys General from across the country have joined together in law suits or in amicus briefs against the federal government. The lawsuit against the federal government in the case commonly referred to as the “Obamacare lawsuit” is perhaps the most egregious one where Arkansas did not have a seat at the table. Most recently, Attorneys General from numerous states have filed amicus briefs in support of Hobby Lobby in its suit to defend religious freedom against this White House and federal government based on penalties assessed to companies which do not offer specific health care in conflict with the religious beliefs of the owners of Hobby Lobby. Furthermore, there are countless cases involving the Environmental Protection Agency in which Arkansas should have been involved.

As Attorney General, Arkansas will be on the frontlines in fighting this overreach by the federal government alongside other Republican attorneys general across the country such as Scott Pruitt (OK), Greg Abbott (TX), Luther Strange (AL), Patrick Morrissey (WV), Sam Olens (GA), Alan Wilson (SC) and Pam Bondi (FL) to name a few of whom I have met and discussed the need the for Arkansas to have an active engagement in defending our Constitutional rights.

15. Why are you seeking this office at this time?

Our Country, not just our beloved home state of Arkansas, is in a fight for freedom.  Every day we see, learn and experience how this President and his liberal allies in Washington D.C. are threatening the very freedoms that our Founders fought so hard to establish. 

I grew up in a traditional, loving environment with a family and parents who raised me right.  I was taught from birth that God is always first in our heart and lives.  Thus, my entire life has been spent in attempt to be a servant leader and to share and spread those values instilled in me by my family.

When current and former leaders of our State such as Former Governor Mike Huckabee, Former Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt, and Former Chief Justice Betty Dickey among many others not only encouraged me to run but endorsed my candidacy without hesitation, I knew that I was the right candidate for Attorney General.

After spending a lifetime helping conservative candidates and officeholders and thirteen years practicing law, I knew it was time to come out from behind the curtain and step out onto the stage to defend the State and people I love so much from an overreaching federal government, criminals and those who seek to take advantage of our citizens.  More than ever, Arkansas needs an Attorney General with the right experience to lead Arkansas against those who seek to harm us. All of the experience I have as a lawyer directly relates to and has prepared me to be Attorney General on Day One.

16. What is your Martindale Hubbell rating?  If you do not have a rating, please explain.

Martindale Hubbell is a paid subscription rating and I have never paid to be listed on that site.

I have received contributions and endorsements from numerous colleagues and top conservative attorneys from across the country as well as Arkansas including those listed below who I have had the privilege of working side-by-side over the years defending and promoting conservative causes:

  • James “Jim” Bopp – Prominent conservative attorney, General Counsel to the James Madison Center for Free Speech; Attorney for Citizens United, National Right to Life, Concerned Women for America
  • Cleta Mitchell, Foley & Lardner; Served as Counsel to National Rifle Association, National Republican Senatorial Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee, among others. Former President of the Republican National Lawyers Association.
  • Ben Ginsberg – Patton Boggs LLP; National Counsel to the Bush-Cheney ’00, Bush-Cheney ’04, and Romney-Ryan ’12 Campaigns;
  • Mark Braden – Baker Hostetler; Former General Counsel to the Republican National Committee, Board of Governors to the Republican National Lawyers Association
  • Don McGahn – Patton Boggs LLP; Former General Counsel to the National Republican Congressional Committee, Former Commissioner of the Federal Election Commission
  • Jessica Furst Johnson – General Counsel at National Republican Congressional Committee
  • Robert M. “Mike” Duncan – Former General Counsel and Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Current CEO of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity
  • Betty Dickey – Former Arkansas Supreme Court Chief Justice
  • David Warrington – General Counsel, Ron Paul for President 2012
  • Kevin Crass – Friday, Eldredge & Clark, former Counsel to Governor Mike Huckabee
  • Lona McCastlain—Former Prosecuting Attorney, 23rd Judicial District
  • Randy Bynum—Dover Dixon & Horn
  • John Ryder—General Counsel to the Republican National Committee
  • Bill Crocker—Former General Counsel to the Republican National Committee
  • JC Boggs—Former Chairman of the Republican National Lawyers Association
  • Beverly Moore-Counsel to Governor Bobby Jindal
  • Peter Schalestock—Counsel to US House of Representatives, House Admin Committee

17. What have/will you do to limit the size, scope, and authority of government in our lives?

I have spent my entire legal career fighting to keep Arkansas conservative. As Attorney General, I will sue the federal government to keep Arkansas conservative. 

As the only candidate in this race admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States, 

I will personally defend as Attorney General, our pro-life statutes before the Supreme Court to keep Arkansas conservative.  As Attorney General, I will use my experience as a prosecutor to keep criminals and predators behind bars to keep Arkansas conservative.  As Attorney General, I will aggressively defend our Second Amendment right to bear arms to keep Arkansas conservative. 

As Attorney General, I will use her experience fighting Nancy Pelosi & Barack Obama's liberal policies to keep Arkansas conservative.

As Attorney General, I will proactively evaluate, assess and reallocate resources within the office of the Attorney General to ensure that taxpayers’ monies are best used to enforce and defend the laws of the state.

18. What will you do to help Arkansas citizens regain their individual liberty?

I will ensure that all laws passed by our legislature meet the test of not infringing on our individual liberties.

In any case in which it is determined that our individual liberties are or have been diminished or threatened; I will take action by lawsuit if necessary.  This shall apply to Federal Government, State Government, local government or private corporations or individuals.

19. If elected, what will be your top three priorities and why?

In addition to the statutory duties of the Office of Attorney General which I will ensure are faithfully cared out by those who work there, I will join with other Attorneys General to sue the Federal Government when necessary to stop the constant encroachment and overreach on our state and our people.

I will work diligently to defend our Constitutional Right to Life Amendment and our Constitutional Amendment prohibiting same Sex Marriage.  I will work to make sure no additional restrictions are placed on our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms.

As the only candidate for Attorney General who is authorized to practice before the United States Supreme Court, I will personally appear and argue any Arkansas case which goes to that Court.

20. What particular skills and qualifications do you possess that would make you most qualified for this role?

When I graduated from law school I was sworn in by my father Keith Rutledge, a Circuit Judge. Thus, it is safe to say that I have been a student of the law all my life—and many of those lessons, particularly the appreciation for and understanding of the rule of law, the rights of citizens under the Constitution of the United States and its Bill of Rights came from my father, who has been a lawyer for 45 years, served as the state Drug Director (“drug czar”), and served as a prosecutor and Circuit Judge.

Immediately after law school, I worked as a law clerk for the Arkansas Court of Appeals.  In this position, I read and researched hundreds of briefs from lawyers across the state on every subject of the law and drafted opinions for the Judge. Early on in my legal career, I learned what the law means to individuals and how it affects their lives.  The Attorney General’s office handles all appeals from criminal trials and defends the state in upholding jury verdicts and judicial decisions.  The skills learned at the Court of Appeals--researching, opinion writing, understanding how the law effects citizens and the need for hard work have stood me in good stead and will be certainly be invaluable in the role of  Attorney General.

As Counsel for Governor Mike Huckabee, I advised the Governor on the effects of legislation, drafted resolutions for him, gave legal comments, advised the Governor as to state agencies and federal rules, worked with other lawyers in the agencies, including the Attorney General’s office.  Specifically, I worked with regulatory agencies such as the Public Service Commission, Oil & Gas Commission, Insurance Department, and Bank Department to name a few.

As a Deputy Prosecutor in Lonoke County, I worked with Sheriff’s officers, local and state police and other court personnel to prosecute those who violated our laws.  I developed the skills of investigating criminal activities and prosecuting law breakers.  I developed trial skills and court room demeanor so that I could properly present effective, winning arguments. I was responsible for developing cases and interviewing witnesses and making sure we obtained convictions of criminals.  Because the Attorney General’s Office handles all criminal appeals, my experience as a prosecutor is simply invaluable to work with law enforcement to uphold the convictions. 

For the Department of Human Services Child Protective Services Division, I handled as many as 150 cases at a time and was in court on behalf of children who had been abused, mistreated, and abandoned.  The knowledge I learned about the need to protect our most vulnerable citizens has stayed with me to this day and I feel confident that I will use this knowledge and the skills I learned both here and as a prosecutor in our fight against internet predators and Human Traffickers.  Many of the children in the State’s foster care are not only victims of family who have failed them but a system which has failed them.  As Attorney General, I will work diligently to ensure that are our most vulnerable citizens are protected against those who seek to harm them.

After leaving DHS, I worked as Counsel for Mike Huckabee for President.  In this role I learned the election laws of numerous states and the need to be precise and accurate in your dealings with people and governments at all levels.  I also developed skills of communication and negotiation which are still with me.  This was a great experience and from this I learned a great deal about the art of politics.

As counsel at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) I worked with the GOP members of Congress and their staff, negotiated media contracts for millions of dollars, approved 20 million dollars in television and mail advertisements, filed briefs with Federal Election Commission, and organized the legal efforts nationally for Election Day. 

As Counsel at the Republican National Committee, I negotiated millions of dollars in contracts, approved television, radio and phone advertisements, drafted rules changes, oversaw the 2012 national convention delegate selection process, worked with Secretaries of State and election officials from all 50 states and the territories to officially place the presidential and vice-presidential nominees on the ballot, lead counsel for the national Fire Pelosi Bus Tour, counsel for $40million Victory plan, in-house counsel for RNC Redistricting efforts.  In this role, I worked side-by-side the top conservative, Republican attorneys in the country from the RNC, the presidential campaigns, the Heritage Foundation, the NRA, etc.  In 2010, I was counsel at the RNC when the Republicans won control of the House of Representatives and fired Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. 

In January of 2013, I opened The Rutledge Firm, PLLC in Little Rock. 

On July 1, 2013, I announced as a candidate for Arkansas Attorney General.  The knowledge and experience I have working as a prosecutor, counsel to the Governor and inside Washington DC fighting this Obama White House will prove to be invaluable in helping the people of Arkansas and serving as the people’s lawyer. 

21. There are six different divisions that fall under the responsibility of this role.  What specific skills and career experience do you have that will ensure the proper operation and oversight of these areas?

The Office of the Attorney General has a wide array of responsibilities in state government, including but not limited to the following roles:

  1. Attorney for State Officials and Departments.  As Counsel to the Governor, I worked directly with most of the state agency department leaders, advised the Governor on the activities of the agencies, and advised the agencies on the legality of decisions before them.
  2. Maintain and defend the State in all state and federal courts.  I am admitted to practice in Arkansas, Federal District Court of Arkansas, Washington D.C. and the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).  I am the only candidate running for Attorney General admitted to practice before the SCOTUS, and it would be an honor to personally defend the conservative statutes passed by our legislature.
  3. Opinions.  The Attorney General’s Office issues opinions of law from requesting state agencies, officials and legislators. While the opinions of the Attorney General carry no legal “weight” or precedence, often the opinions are used as guidance by agencies and local government officials. Having served as Counsel to the Governor and having giving advice to the agencies and officials across the country on regulatory issues ranging from the Public Service Commission to the Federal Communications Commission to the Securities Exchange Commission, I have the experience and conservative constitutional interpretation of our statutes to advise those who seek an advisory opinion as to the extent of the law and not offer advice which exceeds the scope of the statute or goes beyond the intent the our elected legislators.
  4. Consumer Protection. The Attorney General is the chief advocate in protecting citizens against those who wish to take advantage of them through fraudulent or illegal businesses practices, such as debt reporting, price gauging, Medicaid and Medicare issues, vehicle titles, landlord/tenant issues, utility costs, telemarketers, identity theft and spam emails/text messages.  Having served as Counsel to the Governor working predominantly with the regulatory agencies, I worked with agencies, companies and individuals across the state to prevent such practices and to go after those who conducted such illegal business.  Specifically, I worked with the Insurance Department, the Bank Department, the Workers Compensation Commission, and the Public Services Commission (utilities).
  5. Criminal Justice. The Attorney General’s Office handles all of the criminal appeals in Arkansas.  Having worked for the Arkansas Court of Appeals and having been a prosecutor, I am uniquely qualified to effectively handle criminal appeals on behalf of the State.  Having spent years and countless hours in the courtroom at the trial level, prosecuting some of the worst individuals one can imagine, I have the experience necessary to work with local law enforcement and prosecutors to ensure that the convictions at the trial level are upheld on appeal and the individuals responsible for such heinous acts remain in prison where they belong.
  6. Arkansas’ Lawyer: A key role for the Attorney General is to be the advocate and lawyer for the State against an overreaching federal government.  As Counsel to the Governor, I worked diligently to protect our citizens from those inside our borders who sought to harm their neighbor as well as those beyond.  As Counsel at the Republican National Committee, I developed legal strategy to attack and defend our freedoms and liberties against the Obama Administration.  Whether it was concerning Voter ID, Redistricting, Obamacare, or the IRS targeting conservative groups, I sat at the table side-by-side my fellow Republican attorneys and we developed legal strategies to proactively stand against or at times defend our citizens from the overreach of this Administration.

Also, please see answer to #20

22. Please give an example from a former position or career that illustrates you have the level of leadership necessary to be successful in this role.  State the situation, the tasks involved, the actions you took, and the results of those actions.  Please be very specific in your response.  (You may refer us to specific cases, which we can read for ourselves:  please give info as to how to find the item(s) you reference.)

As Counsel at the Republican National Committee, I oversaw the entire 2012 Delegate Selection Process for the National Convention, working with every state and territory to ensure their rules were in place and delegates properly seated. I also oversaw the process to ensure that the presidential and vice-presidential nominees were on the ballot in every state, working closely with each Secretary of State as well as the Speaker of the House John Boehner.

As a prosecutor and attorney for the State, I handled hundreds of cases at any time involving felonies, misdemeanors, and several victims and families.  I oversaw the cases from start to finish, working directly with law enforcement, case workers, judges, medical personnel.

Please see answers to #20 and #21.

23. How do you perceive the responsibilities of the office you seek in relation to State Law?

The role of the Attorney General is to enforce and defend Arkansas law, not stand in the stead of our lawmakers elected to pass legislation.  As Attorney General, I will work with our legislators to ensure that our statutes are constitutionally sound and can/will withstand any challenges in court.  Furthermore, I will aggressively work with our state agencies to ensure that the regulations as set forth by such agencies do not exceed the scope of the statutes.

24. How do you perceive the responsibilities of the office you seek in relation to Federal Law?

The Attorney General is the chief legal officer for the state and as such is the chief advocate for the state if/when the federal government exercises authority beyond that is explicitly set forth in the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Therefore, it is paramount that Arkansas have an Attorney General who not only understands state law, the U.S. and Arkansas Constitutions, but understands how those inside Washington D.C., particularly this White House, operate in order to aggressively ward off federal overreach through regulations and to proactively take steps through legal action to protect the rights of Arkansans.

Organizations and Affiliations

25. Please list the organizations you are a member of or any boards upon which you serve.  Also, include your length of membership/affiliation.

 Admitted to practice:

            Supreme Court of the United States


            Washington D.C.

UALR William H. Bowen School of Law, Alumni Board

Republican National Lawyers Association, active member since 2008

Federalist Society, member

National Rifle Association, member

            Alpha Delta Pi Alumni

            Arkansas Bar Association

            Junior League of Little Rock, Sustaining Member

Arkansas Federation of Young Republicans: current member, former state chairman, national committeewoman, former national auditor, former national legal counsel, founder and former chairman of the Central Arkansas Young Republicans

            Church at Rock Creek, active

26. Are you currently or have you ever been a member of the Federalist Society?  Please Explain.


I am currently a member of the Federalist Society and I have been over the years, including my time as a law student (many, many years ago).

Financial Disclosure

27. Under what circumstance(s) would you reject a donation?  Please explain.

I will never accept contributions known to be illegal.  Contributions from organizations based on moral reproach will not be accepted.

Additional Information

28. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?

I am devoted Christian and loving daughter to my parents who devoted their lives to ensuring that my brother and I were raised “right.”  I was raised in a small United Methodist Church in Southside outside of Batesville.  Some of my fondest memories were the days when the church held chili suppers or yard sales and we spent all day enjoying fellowship and good food with our friends and neighbors.

I am an aunt of two of the most amazing young people God placed on this green Earth—my beautiful and talented niece whose artistic ability while impressive is sorely outmatched by inner beauty, smile that lights up a room and wit that amazes every adult she meets---and my nephew who refuses to let Autism and his inability to communicate (like we want him to) stop him from being the smartest, most charming guy in the room, loving unconditionally and surprising his family and teachers with his beautiful voice, his artistic hand and exceptional disposition each and every day.

I grew up on a cattle farm and so I know the value of hard work and just how much a dollar is worth. I spent my summers in college working on the road crew for the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department—flagging traffic, and learning to drive a dump truck and backhoe.

I also have a yellow Labrador retriever named Reagan W. “Dutch” Rutledge.



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Tackling Human Trafficking

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month. As Arkansas Attorney General, one of my priorities will be working with other Attorneys General across this nation in combatting the scourge of Human Trafficking. It is important for each and every one of us to be aware of this exploitation of children, women and men that happens every day in our state. As Attorney General, I will work tirelessly with other Attorneys General such as Pam Bondi of Florida to stop human trafficking in the United States. Click here to read Attorney General Bondi's article on her multi-faceted approach to tackling human trafficking. 

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Textbook Federal Overreach

Leslie Rutledge Talking About: Dodd-Frank

Another insidious facet of the Obama Administration’s prosperity killing federal overreach is buried deep inside the infamous Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  It’s something called the Orderly Liquidation Authority (OLA).  Sounds harmless, but in truth it’s anything but. 

In straightforward terms, Dodd-Frank’s OLA gives the Secretary of the Treasury, an unelected appointee of the President, the ability to liquidate any financial company with only 24-hours notice.  Under the law as passed and signed, there’s basically nothing a company can do to prevent this action, and there’s nothing the company can say (literally, there is an immediate gag order issued that carries harsh criminal penalties if violated). 

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Keep the IRS out of healthcare

The Affordable Care Act.

Health Care Reform.


The Bill That No Democrats in Congress Took Time to Read.

Whatever you call it, the consequences are still the same: fewer choices, less flexibility, fewer jobs, and less freedom. 

And now the IRS is in on it. 

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