Attorney General Leslie Rutledge Wins AETN Debate

October 10, 2018

October 10, 2018

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge Wins AETN Debate

LITTLE ROCK — Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge released the following statement after her decisive victory at today’s AETN debate:

“I appreciated the opportunity to participate in today’s AETN debate and speak directly to Arkansans about all that we’ve accomplished together over the last four years. The contrast between me and my opponent couldn’t be more clear.

“As Arkansas Attorney General, I am proud of my record of pushing back against criminals, con artists and an overreaching federal government. Whether it’s going after internet child predators and corrupt public officials, those con artists making pesky phone calls, or opioid manufacturers who have created a deadly epidemic — I’ve never stopped working to hold them accountable. I’ve helped job creators by fighting out-of-control federal regulations, and with our economic growth and record-low unemployment rate, I am proud to say that Arkansas is now to closed to over-regulation and open for business.

“I’ve also made it a priority as Attorney General to defend our families, faith, and freedoms by protecting Arkansas values. Arkansans know they can count on me to defend religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, and our right to keep and bear arms every time.

“In 2014, Arkansans elected me as the first woman and first Republican Attorney General of Arkansas, and I am humbled by the statewide support for my re-election. I love Arkansas and no one will outwork me on behalf of Arkansans as Attorney General.”


About Attorney General Rutledge

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge was elected on November 4, 2014, as the first woman and first Republican in Arkansas history to be elected to the office. Since taking office in January of 2015, she has defended Arkansans against criminals, con artists, and an overreaching federal government while consistently defending our values in court.

Proving her commitment to transparency and accessibility of the office, she has hosted Rutledge Roundtables in all 75 counties each year with members of the community, held mobile offices yearly in every county, and established a Public Integrity Division to hold public officials accountable for violating the law. Through legal challenges and briefs, Rutledge has demonstrated her commitment to supporting our pro-life values and laws, protecting our Second Amendment right to bear arms, defending religious freedom, and eliminating burdensome regulations to bolster our economy and job growth.

She currently serves as Chair of the Republican Attorneys General Association and Chair of the National Association of Attorney Generals-Southern Region. Rutledge and her husband Boyce have one daughter and a home in Pulaski County and a farm in Crittenden County.